Epilogues for some familiar characters, set in the present, during the pandemic, and exploring what happily ever after looks like when you’re isolated from your significant other and have to connect through calls.

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Episodes are as follows:

  1. June 26th, Make Good Days by Mina V. Esguerra (What Kind of Day)
  2. July 3rd, We Will Be Okay by Celestine Trinidad (Ghost of a Feeling)
  3. July 10th, Safe Space by Miles Tan (Finding X)
  4. July 24th, Happy Endings, Please, and Thank You by Tara Frejas (Like Nobody’s Watching)
  5. July 31st, Lab Notes by Six de los Reyes (Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions)
  6. August 7th, Midnight Melodies by Carla de Guzman (How She Likes It)
  7. August 21st, Favorite Alarm by Jay E. Tria (You Out of Nowhere)
  8. August 28th, No Giving Up by Ana Tejano (Keep the Faith)
  9. September 4th, Kalad-Quarantine by Bianca Mori (Chasing Waves)

Content warnings: set in the present time with the pandemic, community quarantine, thoughts of isolation, mention of COVID-19 deaths, mentions of parent with chronic illness, and film script with themes of sexual assault and suicide.

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More info about this project here: Hello, Ever After — a web series.


  • Episode 1: Make Good Days, Script (PDF) Download
  • Episode 2: We Will Be Okay, Script (PDF) Download
  • Episode 3: Safe Space, Script (PDF) Download
  • Episode 4: Happy Endings, Please and Thank You, Script (PDF) Download
  • Wallpapers (Desktop, Mobile) Download

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