Cover Reveal: New Playlist series books by Jay E. Tria

We at the #RomanceClass website are so excited to reveal these covers for new books by Jay E. Tria! And two of them too! These are books 4 and 5 of Jay’s Playlist series. Catch up on the Playlist series on Amazon, here. Visit Jay E. Tria’s author page.

Playlist #4. Songs You Come Back To

Let me come home to you.

When Son meets Alice again after she disappeared from his life four years ago, he can’t wait to impress her. He is the oft half-naked bassist of indie rock band Trainman after all. But adolescent pain lingers, and headstrong actress Alice isn’t about to let Son off the hook for breaking her heart. Can he prove to her, to himself, and to people who matter, that he is capable of being someone she (and everyone else) can count on?

Songs You Come Back To
Photography by Alexandra Urrea featuring TJ Roxas
Cover design by Tania Arpa

Playlist #5. Songs to Your Beat

“I am the drummer” — It usually works for Nino, beat master of rock band Trainman and newcomer DJ, but the usual hook fell flat on gorgeous, sleepy-eyed, water treatment plant engineer Santana. Still there’s attraction even Santana can’t deny, and despite her warning that she’s not exactly in the market for a relationship, they agree to take it one sporty date, one bacon haunt, one hot night together at a time.

Nino thinks it’s going quite well. So what does it matter that his ex is back in the country? Or that he’s weighed down with guilt he hasn’t been able to shake off for too long? With his brand new attempt at happy-finally-after, none of that matters. Right?

Songs to Your Beat
Photography by Alexandra Urrea featuring Iking Uy
Cover design by Tania Arpa

Congrats, Jay! Looking forward to all the books!

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