Young Love

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To be young and in love…

Barely Even Friends

For pretty and athletic Emily Fonseca, nothing’s better than getting invited to join Luna East Arts Academy’s most popular crowd, the Elites. She only has to fulfill a list of dares to prove that she’s got what it takes. But will it cost Emily her rekindled friendship with language tutor and childhood friend Noah Calderon?

The Rumor About Me

From nobody to somebody. This is the story of library assistant Carly Gonzaga, who suddenly became the most talked senior in school after campus heartthrob Tristan Lobregat picked her on a Truth or Dare game at a party.

One on One

Marge dela Merced hasn’t thought about mysterious, badass Jake Madrigal since she laid her eyes on him in junior year. A year later, during a round of one-on-one basketball, Marge realised that there may be more to Jake’s tough looks than meets the eye.

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